Peter Dulborough

‘The Fixer’ EP

Track Listing:

The Fixer
Don’t Let It Fade
Pressure Cooker
Shooting Star
Heading For The Shore
As The Sun Sets Now

Recorded and mixed at Blue Moon Rec Studio, Florence. August 2021.

‘The Fixer’ is an EP of six songs about hope, healing, encouragement and friendship. We need to mend our broken world. Yet we cannot do this without looking inside our hearts first. We often try to fix others before fixing ourselves, and from here comes the EP title. These songs are reflections on a journey of life towards a new shore, carrying chords of courage.

‘The Fixer’ is an archetypal character inside us who tries to changes their self and put the happiness of others above their own – at a price. Their obsession keeps them enslaved to pleasing others. The ironic and punchy tracks ‘The Fixer’ and ‘Pressure Cooker’ reflect on this theme, and the need to relax and let go and not ‘perform’.

The third upbeat song is a roaring journey on the seas called ‘Heading for the Shore’.

These songs are complemented by three ballads. ‘Don’t Let It Fade’ spreads hope and encouragement following a time of darkness.

‘Shooting Star’ is about an inspiring and charismatic figure who guides us in moments of loneliness, sung majestically by Marie Delfino.

‘As the sun sets now’ reflects on ‘lockdown’ feelings we all experienced and the courage shown by so many at this time. The moving vocals of Marie Delfino give richness and depth on this closing track to the EP.

I recorded the songs for this EP live in Blue Moon Rec studios with musicians Samuele Cangi (Guitars) and Tommaso Giuliani (Drums). This ‘live’ approach created an intense and dynamic feel to the tracks, and a spontaneous and energetic feel to the songs.

Keyboards and Vocals: Peter Dulborough
Guest vocalist: Marie Delfino
Guitars and horns: Samuele Cangi
Drums: Tommaso Giuliani
Recording Engineers: Samuele Cangi and Tommaso Giuliani.

Marie Delfino is an American singer, and good friend who has sung with me in concerts in Florence.
She began singing in the US with two special teachers and mentors who would shape her voice as a mezzosoprano. Her studies continued in Florence, with exceptionally talented teachers. Marie has moved from classical training to singing music from the Golden Age of Jazz over the years. She’s performed with remarkable Maestros such as Marco Mangani, Claudio Josè Boncompagni and Lucia Baldacci for events, concerts and ceremonies in Florence and all over Tuscany. 

I would like to express my deep thanks to Marie for her involvement in this EP. She showed such great warmth and sensitivity in the vocal interpretation, and it was a great pleasure to work together.

I am deeply indebted to Samuele Cangi and Tommaso Giuliani for their invaluable help and support in coaxing me and encouraging me to push my limits to achieve the best performance possible on this EP. This was such a gift. They are great musicians, engineers and people!

Finally, I would like give heartfelt thanks to my old friend and ‘mythical’ sound engineer and owner of Planet Sound studios, Stefano Lugli. We met and worked on ‘The Pirince and the Rose’ musical recordings in 1998 and became good friends. We have worked on projects over the years and it was a privilege to share this EP experience with him.

Not only did Stefano drive me to the studio every day, but he gave his encouragement and precious advice in his own a subtle way. This friendship and support mean a great deal.