Peter Dulborough


Martina Magionami – lead vocals & guitars
Peter Dulborough – vocals and keyboards
Carlo Gardenti – bass guitar
Leonardo Foggi – drums and percussion

The roots of the band SoundZanobi lie in our urban studio and rehearsal space in the Florentine street of via San Zanobi in Florence. This is the street where myself and the co-founder of the band live, and where the music started to grow.

When bass guitarist and songwriter Carlo Gardenti moved into the flat opposite me, we became friends. We collaborated on a project raising awareness to the dangers of nuclear power and war in the world. The song was called ‘Almost Midnight’. It is now being re-recorded with the current band line up in 2022 for a new version with particular relevance to the world we live in today. It was from the original project and collaboration that Carlo and myself formed SoundZanobi.

The original blueprint for the song writing was Carlo’s ideas and dreams that inspired music, which I then wrote lyrics to. Later I added my own musical input. Carlo has edge and energy from his love of hard rock and metal music. I add melodic and pop influenced elements.

First of all, Leonardo Foggi (‘McFog’) – a friend of Carlo – became our drummer. He gives pace, verve and originality to our songs and real drive.

We had two different lead singers until we were lucky enough to find guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Martina Magionami in 2016.

Martina, known by her stage name as ‘La Marti’, is a singer songwriter, and writes, records and performs her own songs in Italian. When Martina joined us it completed the picture for Soundzanobi. It allowed us to grow and spread our musical wings. Not only does Martina front the band as lead singer, but her skills on electric guitar gave us new depth, subtlety and sophistication .

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Two New Tracks for 2022

‘From Afar’

The ancient Greeks believed that the planets revolved around the earth, creating a ‘divine music’ inaudible to mortals. I took this belief for the idea for a song. I saw this as a metaphor for moments of inspiration for writing new songs. It is as if ‘the music of the orbs’ reaches us mortals on the ground for a second and we can hear it – and then it’s gone. We need to use the moment – but not just for songs. Intuition and instinct are forms of inspiration that can help us live creative lives in all ways.

‘From Afar’ was written and adapted over a period of time. It is now a SoundZanobi song with the music written both by Martina and myself. Martina sings it with warmth and intimacy, and a power that stretches out to create a canopy of mystery and magic.

‘Almost Midnight’

‘Almost Midnight’ was the first song I wrote with Carlo and was inspired by our belief in a nuclear free world, and our opposition to all nuclear power and weapons. With the present situation in the world, we feel it is even more relevant now than it was nearly 10 years ago. It is an unwelcome but important anthem for our times, and a timely warning to the world. It is tough and direct in sound and its message.


‘Liquid Gravity’ (2021)

Our latest album was released in December 2021. The sounds are richer and deeper than on our first album, with extensive use of warm mellotron and hammond organs and the new distinctive electric guitar style of Martina. A broader palette of musical ideas and more developed lyrics gives this album a feeling of maturity and confidence that reflects our own journey as musicians and songwriters.

Stand out tracks: ‘Flu and Fever’ was our first single with video. Other highlights are ‘Toys’, ‘Across The Silver River’ and ‘Flows To The Sea’.

In February 2022 Soundzanobi were interviewed on Florence International Radio, when all the songs from ‘Liquid Gravity’ were played in a special 3 hour feature. We’ll be returning soon to talk about our new tracks ‘From Afar’ and ‘Almost Midnight’.

Listen to ‘Liquid Gravity’ on Apple Music

YouTube audio (Full album playlist)

Flu and Fever video on Vevo

‘Other Visions’ (2018)

Our first album has a bright sound, with melodic vocals and combines pacy drums, organ and tight guitar riffs. It’s an energetic and eclectic mix of alternative rock and folk sounds.

Stand out tracks: ‘Danger’ was our first single with the video + ‘Molecules’ with video.

Other highlights: ‘Other Visions’, ‘Game Over’, ‘The Hitchhiker’ and ‘Swallows in Spring’.

Gigs and Live Shows

We play in and around Florence. In particular, our home venue is the Finnegan pub which gave us our first opportunity to play live. We have many happy memories here over the years, as well as playing at different festivals and pubs.

We played live on Florence International Radio in December 2018, which was a very satisfying experience.

In April 2019, we were invited to play at a big Beatles convention held at the Hard Rock Café in 2019. The year continued in fine style when we also played our first gig ever SoundZanobi gig at The Hard Rock Café in October.