Peter Dulborough

Peter Dulborough

“Born in Reading, England, I nurtured my passion for music in England playing both the piano and clarinet. Experiences in the studio and playing live helped me develop my songwriting skills which I continued to do when I moved to Italy. The piano lies at the cornerstone of my musical expression.

Influenced deeply by the expressive works of Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans, as well as the harmonies of Ludovico Einaudi, my compositions strive to capture the essence of raw emotions and honesty as well as nuances of feeling. Drawing inspiration from The Beatles, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, and Nick Drake, my melodies and songs reflect richness of harmony that express depths of human experiences. In chords and lyrics, I endeavor to touch and convey the essence of emotions. What’s always important for me is to connect with and touch the heart of the listener.

In the words one of my great musical heroes and influences Nick Drake, who strove for such a connection: “if only I could feel that my music has helped anyone at all” (Nick Drake) Tragically, he felt saddened by his own perceived lack in doing this. I hope that I can make a difference, however small, to others with my music and this website. 

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