Peter Dulborough

Music Biography

Berkshire Boy

I was brought up in Reading in Berkshire.  I studied History at University College London. I played piano and clarinet in various groups.

My mum was a good pianist and sang in a choir and my dad was a passionate listener of classical music. My grandad composed music and played the piano and guitar, and my uncle was a cinema organist and had four different ones in his living room! 

I now live in Florence in Italy. I’m a songwriter and composer who embraces a melodic vision for songwriting and music, deeply rooted in the sound of the piano. I try to combine richness of harmony with lyrics that express honesty of emotions. What’s important for me always is connecting with the listener.

‘The Music of the Stars’ (2024) Musical & album release

This musical was inspired by ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine De Saint-Exupèry. The original version of the musical with total of 24 songs and musical pieces was performed in 1998 and 1999 in Italy. The script was written by Ann Davies.

In 2023 I decided to revisit this project and make some revisions as well as add some new pieces. This time I decided to write the script myself, to present a full original project for a future musical production and collaboration.

I went back to the same studio where I had recorded the original songs and music 25 years before!  Blue Moon rec studio in Florence has new owners engineers and it was Samule Cangi and Tommaso Giuliani who guided me this time in the recording. I felt the spirit of the original owner and engineer too, Stefano Lugli as I re-recorded the songs and added new ideas and found new inspiration.

‘The Fixer’ (2022)

A 6 track EP about hope and healing, encouragement, and friendship. We need to mend our broken world and yet can’t do this without looking inside our own hearts first. We often try to ‘fix’ others before ‘fixing ‘ourselves. These songs are reflections on a journey of life, carrying chords of courage. 

Marie Delfino is a guest performer and sings two of the ballads on the EP. Her rich and powerful voice give wonderful beauty and depth of feeling to these tracks.

SoundZanobi (2014 – 2022)

I co-founded this band with Carlo Gardenti. We played extensively in and around Florence gig, including ‘The Hard Rock Café. We recorded two studio albums: ‘Other Visions’ and ‘Liquid Gravity’.

Our roots were in the urban studio and rehearsal space in Via San Zanobi in Florence. Melodic and bright vocals, pacy drums, warm organ sounds and tight guitar riffs. An eclectic mix of alternative rock-pop, folk and vintage sounds.

‘Jigsaw collection’ (2006-2014)

My live and studio recordings on CD and digital EP are collected on a SoundCloud album ‘Jigsaw Collection’ (2016-2014)

‘African Skies’ (2006-2009)

In 2006 I met Ndiawar Diagne from Senegal. We both went to the ‘Centro La Pira’ school and cultural centre in Florence, where an international group of people met once a week to share experiences of different aspects of life both in Italy and abroad. I began to write songs with Ndiawar that expressed our mutual vision of toleration and understanding between religions.  Our song ‘Stronger than the Sun’ expressed this feeling of this shared vision and belief. 

Link to Soundcloud

I worked with Ndiawar in 2007 on ‘Safely Dream’, a charity concert held to raise funds to fight the severe Malaria problem in Senegal. ‘Light across Congo’ in aid of youth projects in Congo was another charity concert in 2009.  

‘The Prince and the Rose’ musical (1998)

In 1998 I wrote music and songs for an original musical in English based on the story of ‘The Little Prince’ by the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery. ‘The Prince and the Rose’ was performed at the ‘Teatro Shalom’ in Empoli in that year, and then at ‘The British Institute of Florence ‘Harold Acton Library’ in 1999.

The musical was freely adapted from “The Little Prince” and was set in contemporary London. The director was Ann Davies. It was performed in aid of charity with a total of 24 songs and instrumental pieces scored for piano, flute, clarinet, cello and small band.