The Prince and the Rose musical (1998 and now being revised)

‘The Prince and the Rose’ is an original musical I wrote based on ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It was performed in 1998 at the ‘Teatro Shalom’ in Empoli, near Florence.

I wrote and arranged the 24 pieces which were sung and played live with a variety of characters, dance and styles of music. You can download 'The Lamps of Night and Day' for free on this site.

I am now revisiting this project after over 15 years. I am looking at the songs and music again, with an eye to launching  a newly crafted and revised musical version the 'The Prince and Rose' for an English speaking audience in the UK or the US.

'The Halls of Your Mind' (EP) 2013

The Halls of Your Mind is a EP digital download. It has 5 tracks and features the voices of Annica Wejdmark and Rose Kentish with orchestral arrangements by Colin Shaw.  It is available for free download on my site.

'Fire and Light' / 'Where the Pole Star lies (Single) 2014

Thiese two songs were recorded in Florence and released as a digital download. You can find them here on my website, and download them for free. 

'Soundzanobi' folk-rock band   2014 - 2016 

I formed 'Soundzanobi' with Carlo Gardenti (guitars) and we work with various guest singers and musicains to produce our own unique blend of 'pyschedelic folk'.