I was born in Reading (UK) and now live in Florence in Italy where I records and perform my songs. I have been influenced by many ideas and feelings in inspiraition, and some of them are here below.

The Spirit of the Sea

The coastline, coves and windswept cliffs of Cornwall were the inspiration for many of my early songs including 'Heading for the Shore', 'Laburnum Trees' and 'The Tide'. 

The tide creates an everchanging marine landscape, and the sea is a metaphor for life in all its movement and change. One moment rough and stormy, then calm and serene. Always vibrant and alive. The 'spirit of the sea' is a central influence and inspiration in my songs and music.


George Harrison and Paul Simon were early influences. Leonard Cohen, James Taylor and Peter Gabriel were formative too, as were the melodic ideas of Elton John. Ludovico Enaudi, Keith Jarret and Craig Armstrong all gave me inspiration for my piano style and compositions.

My solo songs are close in spirit to Nick Drake. He combined intensity and attention to detail with a carefree touch and spontaneity. There is an ‘otherworld’ quality to the music that seems to come from a lost age. His lyrical ballads are timeless and unfettered by any musical ‘style’.


Nick Drake -

George Harrison -