'The Lamps of Night and Day' from The Prince and the Rose (free download)


There is light
With the evening sun disappearing
There’s an army of people appearing
Bringing light to streets of the city
One by one ...every lamp makes a path in the darkness
Like a friend in a moment of sadness
Giving light to a smouldering spirit


Oh no … don’t you let, let them fade away
You got dreams every single day
For lamps of love burn inside your soul
So never let them fade away.


There is light
As they’re lighting the lamps of the city
There’s feeling inside you that’s growing
And a spirit is moving within you
You got love … as you walk through the streets of the city
See the lamplight burning around you
Feel the lamplight burning within you


Oh no …you can’t make … make the sun go down
And you can’t make … make the sun go up
And you can’t rush … rush the setting sun
So wait awhile … ‘til love
‘til love … ‘til love …begins to burn ….

(Words and Music Peter Dulborough. Sung by Peter Dulborough)

Behind the song

This a 'dance' of the lamplighters. It relates to the moment the Prince decides to visit the largest and most varied of all the planets on his travels – Earth. The Geographer tries to portray the sheer vastness of the Earth to The Prince by using a poetic and dramatic image.

He recounts the picture of days gone by when street lamps were fuelled by oil and lit by hand. To convey the idea the size of the Earth he asks the Prince to imagine looking at the Earth from far away. He asks the Prince to imagine a scene and conjures up a beautiful picture. Imagine watching from a great distance all the lamplighters of the world in the various parts of the globe. As night and day fall at different times on the earth, there would always be some place on the globe falling into the shadows of dusk and being illuminated by a small army of lamplighters.

Thus, as seen from afar, there would be a regulated movement of lamplight. A magnificent sight to observe. A gradual and constant play of moving light travelling across the face of the globe in search of fading twilight. A fluid dance of travelling light and patches of dusk as fading daylight was lit up by the pools of a warm, sulphurous, amber glow.