'The Halls of Your Mind' EP   2013      

The beautiful voices of Annica Wejdmark and Rose Kentish are highlights of this EP. As are the rich orchestral arrangements by Colin Shaw.

The Sunset at Dawn

'I opened the door to the halls of my mind / And walked up the stairs throught the acres of time'.  

Music From Afar

The ancient Greeks believed the planets revolved around the earth, creating a ‘divine music’ inaudible to mortals. I took this as a metaphor for inspiration. Music we hear for a second - and then it's gone.  

The Tide

Sometimes it seems we are standing on an empty shore, watchng our hopes flowing out on the tide. We forget that the tide comes in again. And whatever life takes away from us 'love remains inisde'.  

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I was lucky to work with Annica Wejdmark from Sweden and Rose Kentish from England. Their haunting voices gave such dynamism to these songs. 

The classy orchestral arrangements of Colin Shaw were a wonderful gift too, especially on 'The Sunset at Dawn'.

Gianfilippo Boni masterminded four recordings. I am very grateful for all his advice and support in the studio. Thanks also to Fabio Vannoni and Fulvio Vasari at Medialab for their help.

Finally, on the note of giving thanks. Heartfelt thanks go to the inspirational Bob Kirchstein for all his patience and expertise at Opal Creative for designing and producing this website.