Image of SoundzanobiFormed in Florence with guitarist Carlo Gardenti.

2014 - 2015  First year

Keyboards + guitars blend with vocals of Serena Ardinghi and drums of Leonardo Foga.
'Danger' + 'Renaissance Girl' recorded and to be released as a download single in 2016. Shades of The Smiths, The Beautiful South & Housemartins.
2016  New singer + 'Other Visions' 
'Other Visions' is our album release of 2016. Chiara Galioto joins us as our principal singer and Serena leaves.  We have developed a a more folk feel + influences of Travelling Wilburys / Traffic. We coined phrase 'psychedelic folk' to describe our particular blend and mixture of sound.

Album: ‘Other Visions’   Release date: Spring 2016

Tracklist (provisional order):

Other Visions / Touch/ Danger/ Renaissance Girl / Molecules / Insane / So long Semolina! / A Golden Thread / We’re in Danger / City lights / Game Over /