‘Fire and Light’ / 'Where the Pole Star lies'

Free download of both songs from my 2014 single.

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Fire and Light is inspired by an image of a vast, remote uninhabited plain below a mountain region.This sense of vastness and the dark emptiness of the places became an metaphor for those  inner spaces inside us that have become dark or forgotten. It's a song about finding things which were lost, and returning to the 'Fire and Light'.

Where the Pole Star lies uses the metaphor of a constellation for guidance and finding direction in uncertain moments.

The Great Bear is a constellation in the sky which includes includes 'The Big Dipper' or 'The Plough'. The end two stars of  'The Big Dipper' are called 'The Pointers'.  Wherever you are in the night, if you locate 'The Pointers' you can trace a line from  these stars to find due north - the Pole Star.

The Pole star or Polaris is directly above the north pole of the earth and remains there always. All other stars appear to move slowly from east to west as the earth rotates, but the Pole Star stays fixed at due north.

I took the image of a star that is always constant and never moves - 'an ever fixed light' - as representing a place of security and  direction in a night sky full of thousands of stars and light.  A point of reference when you're lost or unsure

To find  'Polaris' you need to first find the Great Bear in the night sky and trace 'The Pointers with your eye 'to where the Pole Star lies'.

For a look into the night sky to find out more about 'The Pole Star' and 'The Great Bear' follow the link below!

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